SIBRE Products for Container and Bulk Handling

Sibre Disc Brakes Type USB

Service- or emergency stop brakes for container cranes, main- and boom hoists, trolley travels, 

 Disc Brakes Type USB

Service- or emergency stop brakes for container cranes, main- and boom hoists, trolley travels, conveyor belts, bucket wheel excavators etc.

• Braking torque independent of disc rotating direction

• Easily replaceable and economic sinter-linings for high circumferential speed up to 85 m/sec. and max. disc temperature of up to 850°C

• Virtually maintenance-free

• Reduced maintenance by means of SIBRE wear compensator. A manual adjustment of equal air-gap is no longer required by means of SIBRE synchronization linkage

• Stainless steel pivot pins combined with teflon-coated bushes

Twin-Caliper Disc Brake TEXU

• Reduced gear box costs due to reduced distance between input and output shaft

• Reduced costs for brake disc, electrical connection and PLC

• Reduced initial costs

• Higher friction coefficient = higher torque = increased safety even under emergency stop conditions

• Torque range 8000 - 30000 Nm on discs500 - 900 mm

[sibre containerhandling] • Pins and rods stainless

• Pivot points with teflon-coated bushings

• Sinter-linings

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Shelmet Precision Castings

Shelmet provides highly detailed investment castings worldwide while incorporating designs other firms cannot.  Precision investment castings eliminate most, if not all, secondary machine operations by the customer to yield cost savings through lower waste and faster delivery times.  Shelmet innovatively pushes process limits, incorporating many designs which are not obtainable in traditional machining or other processes.  While we pour over 100 alloys, our emphasis is mainly stainless steel, cobalt and nickel bases. With more than 55 years of casting experience Shelmet’s certified Six Sigma trained staff and ISO certified facility provides consistent quality from one casting to thousands; at the same time meeting the tight budgetary guidelines our clients expect.

Frantz Manufacturing /Stirling Ball

Frantz® sets the standard of excellence in the conveyor component and steel ball market segments where it competes. Consultative working relationships with its customers, engineer to engineer, enables Frantz to innovate solutions that solve customer problems and deliver value, rather than just sell product. Domestic manufacturing and testing facilities provide the quality assurance that gives its customers peace of mind regarding the products delivered. Lean production methods provide an enviable track record of on time delivery in less than container lot sizes that improve its customer’s return on investment and conform to their lean production needs.

​ Frantz® Manufacturing Company…..Over 100 years of investment in our Customer’s successInspired by precise European designs, Frantz proudly presents our American made global GENII conveyor bearings with a special quality core bearing and IronGrip carbon steel housing that provides the performance of a machined semi precision bearing at far lower cost.

​See our new products, built better, more competitive and more load carrying capacity: Better thinking from Frantz


Rotary Shaft Seals For Bulk Handling Equipment

Manufacturer of air purged shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders, and other rotating equipment that handle powders, slurries, and liquids.

Using air or nitrogen purge, our self-adjusting screw conveyor seal, externally adjustable blender and mixer seal or cartridge seals provide unique systems to reduce product loss and maintenance costs. Successfully providing sealing solutions from food processing to the harsh environments of cement and gypsum.

We also design custom shaft seals for OEM's that manufacture bagging equipment, augers, rotary air valves, sifters, driers, etc.

Auburn Bearings


Auburn Bearings manufactures an exclusive line of thrust bearings that are specifically designed to reduce rolling friction. Instead of the usual round groove ball track certain Auburn bearings incorporate a "V" groove raceway. This "V" groove design distributes the load evenly over the balls as they travel on four points of contact, creating a straight line rolling effect and decreasing the amount of friction created by a full contact round groove design. The Auburn styles that incorporate the "V" groove design have the added advantage of being able to carry radial loads equal to 25% of their thrust load capacity   

RGW Sales Canada

 Office (905) 296-2039 , Cell (289) 339-3644

208 Montmorency Dr, Hamilton Ontario L8K 5H1

Gilman Precision

Customized Linear & Rotary Motion Systems

Since 1952, Gilman Precision has been dedicated to the advancement of high precision linear & rotary motion solutions that improve efficiency and achieve longevity. Gilman develops customized slides and spindles for value-minded engineers with exacting needs and standards, and provides expert service for virtually any manufacturer’s equipment. Serving a variety of industries and applications, these engineered solutions are advanced by a highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced team that delivers on-time and within budget. Only the highest level of quality can be expected when you put Gilman Precision experience and expertise to work for you.

Gilman prides itself on ingenuity and the ability of finding an answer for your engineering challenge. No matter how simple or complex, Gilman can design a slide or spindle to meet your exact need. Call us today to discuss.ype your paragraph here.

PT International     


  P.T. International Corp. offers a wide range of European Metric and American Standard Industrial Power Transmission Products. Whether in search of replacement parts for Equipment built in Europe, or designing equipment that will export to a metric end use market, or just in search of standard inch (imperial) products, PTI stocks a complete range of mounted bearing and drive related products.   Our field sales reps, inside sales team, and engineers will be happy to assist product selection and review application requirements. Our production plants and PTI in Charlotte are all ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Centrally located in Charlotte NC and authorized distributors conveniently located across the US and Canada.  Most shipments are just a day or two away. Products are available 24-7 with our after hours service. International shipments are available just as easy.  If we do not stock your metric product need, we will try our best to help you find it. And if you would like to have one of our sales reps visit, provide training or a detailed product overview, just tell us. We remain committed to exceptional customer service, stock availability and in Stock.

 Hydra Technology

High Pressure Compact Cylinders
[High Pressure Compact Cylinder]

Short Stroke high pressure compact cylinders

Hydratech high pressure compact cylinders are sure to satisfy your needs for short-stroke cylinders that can fit into very tight spaces. For more information about high pressure compact cylinders, call Hydratech today! 1-800-965-6250 1-800-965-6250 FREE

General Specifications

We offer from 1,000 PSI to 10,000 PSI
Fluid Petroleum Based Oils
Temperatures 0F + 165F
Rod Ends: Female Thread
Ports: Female NPT/SAE
Rod sizes from 5/8 and up
Bore sizes 1" thru 6"

Available Options

Self-aligning Bushing Mounts
Spring Return/Extend
Longer Strokes
Oversize Rods
Special Designs
Non-rotating Rods
Male Thread Rod Ends
Double Rod End
Stainless Steel Construction
High Temp Seals (to 400F)raph here.

Companies Represented

Universal Metal Hose

Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting    


PTS designs, manufactures, and engagesin research and development projects relating to tubular products. PTS holds a patent on its tubular fan shaft product supplied to the HVAC industry and has gained a position in the tubular roll market with an innovative single  piece roll used in the agricultural, glass, board and papers, furnace, textile, printing, and specialty machine industries. PTS also designs and manufactures original equipment components for the automotive (truck) industry for both on and off highway manufacturers and holds a patent on a telescoping steering column. The PTS approach is to design and manufacture tubular parts to a near net shape, including the finishing to the net shape required.