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Auburn Bearings


Auburn Bearings manufactures an exclusive line of thrust bearings that are specifically designed to reduce rolling friction. Instead of the usual round groove ball track certain Auburn bearings incorporate a "V" groove raceway. This "V" groove design distributes the load evenly over the balls as they travel on four points of contact, creating a straight line rolling effect and decreasing the amount of friction created by a full contact round groove design. The Auburn styles that incorporate the "V" groove design have the added advantage of being able to carry radial loads equal to 25% of their thrust load capacity   


Rotary Shaft Seals For Bulk Handling Equipment

Manufacturer of air purged shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders, and other rotating equipment that handle powders, slurries, and liquids.

Using air or nitrogen purge, our self-adjusting screw conveyor seal, externally adjustable blender and mixer seal or cartridge seals provide unique systems to reduce product loss and maintenance costs. Successfully providing sealing solutions from food processing to the harsh environments of cement and gypsum.

We also design custom shaft seals for OEM's that manufacture bagging equipment, augers, rotary air valves, sifters, driers, etc.

Frantz Manufacturing /Stirling Ball

Frantz® sets the standard of excellence in the conveyor component and steel ball market segments where it competes. Consultative working relationships with its customers, engineer to engineer, enables Frantz to innovate solutions that solve customer problems and deliver value, rather than just sell product. Domestic manufacturing and testing facilities provide the quality assurance that gives its customers peace of mind regarding the products delivered. Lean production methods provide an enviable track record of on time delivery in less than container lot sizes that improve its customer’s return on investment and conform to their lean production needs.

​ Frantz® Manufacturing Company…..Over 100 years of investment in our Customer’s successInspired by precise European designs, Frantz proudly presents our American made global GENII conveyor bearings with a special quality core bearing and IronGrip carbon steel housing that provides the performance of a machined semi precision bearing at far lower cost.

​See our new products, built better, more competitive and more load carrying capacity: Better thinking from Frantz

Hydra Technologies

Hydratech designs and builds custom hydraulic cylinders for OEM applications as well as custom hydraulic cylinders for in-plant use. 

Contact Hydratech if your hydraulic cylinder technical needs involve:  

  • High pressure (10,000 psi)
  • High temperature (to 400 F)
  • Corrosive environment
  • High speed movements 
  • Unusual operating fluids
  • High duty cycle
  • Long strokes/short spaces
  • Multi-cylinder moves  

Proprietary Design

Hydratech will produce assembly drawings in AutoCAD format, which fully illustrate the operation and construction of the hydraulic cylinder as well as its mounting envelope. If required, Manufacturing Drawings/Bills of Material will also be developed. The design will become the clients property and will be provided on disk, CD or other electronic media. Hydratech will bill on a per hour basis for work done. Prototypes will be built for an additional agreed price and firm production prices will be quoted by either Hydratech or one of its manufacturing partners. 

Custom Design

Bores, strokes, mountings are customized to existing Hydratech proprietary products with no separate design charge. Drawings showing mounting dimensions only and service views will be provided. Prototype and/or production prices will be quoted as above.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Conveyer Tensioning Cy

Special Products


For more than 60 years PRAB has been developing material handling and chip and fluid management solutions that keep your business moving. That’s why you’ll find more than 8,000 PRAB installations in the world's leading OEMs and suppliers. Each installation is an idea that is a solution to specific conveyance needs. Each delivers expected performance results, guaranteed.

And while PRAB has solved thousands of conveyance and chip and fluid management problems, our engineers and manufacturing staff will not pull an idea off the shelf and give it to you. Your solution starts by listening to what you need and then developing an idea that moves and/or modifies your material. It starts by addressing the problems or challenges you face in your process. The opportunities you have to develop new products or enter new markets. So we get to know your process and your goals.

  • Performantee® – a true performance guarantee ensures your PRAB equipment achieves the specific results it was designed and manufactured to deliver.

  • 24/7 technical support provides solutions when you need them.

  • Managed Maintenance Program – helps you proactively prevent component failures, major repairs and unplanned downtime.

  • PT International     


      P.T. International Corp. offers a wide range of European Metric and American Standard Industrial Power Transmission Products. Whether in search of replacement parts for Equipment built in Europe, or designing equipment that will export to a metric end use market, or just in search of standard inch (imperial) products, PTI stocks a complete range of mounted bearing and drive related products.   Our field sales reps, inside sales team, and engineers will be happy to assist product selection and review application requirements. Our production plants and PTI in Charlotte are all ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Centrally located in Charlotte NC and authorized distributors conveniently located across the US and Canada.  Most shipments are just a day or two away. Products are available 24-7 with our after hours service. International shipments are available just as easy.  If we do not stock your metric product need, we will try our best to help you find it. And if you would like to have one of our sales reps visit, provide training or a detailed product overview, just tell us. We remain committed to exceptional customer service, stock availability and in Stock.

    Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting    


    PTS designs, manufactures, and engagesin research and development projects relating to tubular products. PTS holds a patent on its tubular fan shaft product supplied to the HVAC industry and has gained a position in the tubular roll market with an innovative single  piece roll used in the agricultural, glass, board and papers, furnace, textile, printing, and specialty machine industries. PTS also designs and manufactures original equipment components for the automotive (truck) industry for both on and off highway manufacturers and holds a patent on a telescoping steering column. The PTS approach is to design and manufacture tubular parts to a near net shape, including the finishing to the net shape required.  

    Universal Industrial Products inc


    Universal Industrial Products, Inc. (UIPI) is a slewing bearing(slewing rings) manufacturer specializing in large diameter solutions. For over a decade, we have helped our local customers with bearing design and supply solutions that have allowed them to reduce costs and improve profitability. In order to maintain our competitive edge, UIPI started three joint ventures in China from 2006. Two of them are located in Luoyang , the other is located in Jiangyin. Which are one of the leading large-diameter slewing bearing(slewing rings) manufacturers in China. 

    We have outstanding capability of large diameter slewing ring bearings for tunneling equipment, harbor and shipyard cranes, construction equipment, mobile cranes, offshore technology, tower cranes, turning machines, solar energy plants, ship deck cranes, railway cranes, man lifts, wind turbines, and more. Our ability to optimize the bearing design for your specific needs is unparalleled and we will deliver a solution at a fraction of traditional lead times. 

    Our design engineers are available to visit with you onsite and review your application requirements in detail. We will assist you throughout the design, manufacturing and implementation process. We will not only manufacture your solution, but we will also stock your inventory in our warehouse and deliver it to you on a JIT basis. Our goal is to use our resources to extend your company’s capabilities and provide a comprehensive solutions package for all your application needs

    Universal Metal Hose

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