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“I had the opportunity of working with Robert for many years in the areas of contract negotiations and presentations to large existing and potential customers. Robert was always professional in his approach and did an excellent job in his actual presentations. These customers became very dependent on Robert and relied and trusted him implicitly. I personally would not hesitate in recommending Robert and consider his work ethic way above average.” 
Jay Shore ,
Owner , CBS Equipment Limited  managed Robert indirectly at IDI Independent Distributor Inc

 “I have been on the road with Robert, and I have been impressed by his knowledge, his commitment, his openness and general attitude. I have seen him turn concern into positive relation for both partys! If someone is going to be successful in national accounts, it’s got to be him!” 
​Michel Vezina 
Owner , VL Industriel Inc. 

“Robert is one of my dearest friends in business. He and I were collaborators in creating one of the largest North American supply chain partnerships in the industrial MRO industry. I spent a great deal of time with him traveling throughout Canada & the US working with our mutual customers & our respective organizations. Robert is intelligent, strategic, good humored, and a shrewd & tenacious negotiator. He has an incredibly comfortable presence in front of customers; and he keeps tabs on the minute details without getting bogged down. I highly recommend him.”
Ed Sullivan ,
President , IBC-Industrial Supply Plus, Inc. 

​“We have had great relations with Robert Webb on many years of business relations. Not only has he been a very upstanding business executive, but we have enjoyed his sense of humor.”
​Stephen Miles ,
President , Modular Software Ltd. 

“It has been my pleasure working with Robert Webb implementing new business opportunities as well as managing existing agreements. Robert’s enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication make him an asset to any organization. Robert’s customers benefit from his genuine interest in their success. I sincerely recommend Robert to any company seeking a hardworking, intelligent and honest individual.” 
Robert Linderman ,
Director, Strategic Account Management , IBC

 “I have been working with Robert for several years now on a large National Account project. He is a hard worker, very dedicated, very professional and very much strategy oriented. He always comes well prepared to meetings with customers. His warm & friendly personality attracted respect & credibility from his customers. I enjoyed working with Robert. In my opinion, he is one of the best salesman I ever had a chance to work with.” 
Jean-Pierre Gélinas ,
General Manager , Fercomat Inc.

 “Robert is an ideas guy with a clear sense of the bottom line. He works consistently to streamline business processes using all the technical tools and process redesign techniques of an expert manager.”  
Marlin Doner,
Principal Torieon Software 

“I have had the pleasure to work closely with Robert over the past six years he was employed with IDI. He has always maintained a professional relationship throughout the years, and certainly helped Schooner build our business. He understood Industrial distribution and has a keen thirst for knowledge to help better understand the market he was immersed in. I would have no hesitation recommending Robert for any position within the industry.” 
Mark Laprise ,
President , Schooner Industrial Limited

 “Robert Webb is an "out-of-the-box" thinker who's ability to execute the impossible is his norm. I have had the pleasure of working together with Robert on several North American national account opportunities and have always found his energy and spirit contagious. He brings to the table; experience and confidence. Robert also always manages to provide hope for the customer. He is known as a strong networker who will indelibly leave a positive lasting impression on those he works alongside.” 
Daniel P. Burnham ,
President , IBC / Industrial Supply Plus, Inc. 

“As former chairman of the board of IDI, I have had the pleasure of working with Robert. The national accounts program did very good under his management (he actually started it within IDI). Robert is sincere, honest, and devoted to his undertakings. He knows how to communicate his views and strategies. He also interacts positively with all the players involved whether they are above or below him in hierarchy. A man with such energy and vision can only be strongly recommended.”
 Jérôme LeBlanc ,
Owner , Ferronnerie Sept-Iles Inc. 

“Anyone can be trained to close sales, but it takes a special skill to hunt, farm and keep business regardless of economic conditions. This is where Robert Webb excels. Robert is a an outstanding sales/management executive who’s attitude, work ethic, leadership and performance can be defined in a word –professional. He knows the market and his pleasant demeanor builds trust and strong, profitable business relationships because he understands the dynamic of taking care of the customer first. Robert is the consummate team player with a natural enthusiasm that is contagious with both internal and external customers. I worked with Robert on international contracts and have seen first hand, his high level of expertise. Our international clients benefited from working with Robert, for many reasons because he “listens”, sells value and solves problems with experienced confidence. If you want a winning team, then you hire winners… right? I would highly recommend that any company who wants to win business and strengthen their position in the marketplace, that they hire Robert Webb!”  
Edwin Laabs maxxk@earthlink.net ,
Dir. National Accounts , IBC 

“Robert is an easy person to work with .Easy to connect with and fix a situation or problem and find a solution to it. Sensitive and passioned by his work and also honest ; which is not a quality that common these days . Very recommendable element .” 
Andre Bilodeau
President and Owner, M Lemeux Quebec City, QC 

​“Robert is a results oriented sales executive. He has a strong desire to offer value to the end-user customer and will find creative ways to do so. Robert is able to multi-task in difficult situations always striving to reach the most desired outcome. He has a very valuable experience in driving sales. I recommend him for any company that wants to grow sales and develop closer customer relationships.” 
​Robert Levine ,
Vice President National Accounts , IBC